BAAL Language and New Media SIG

For up to date information about the Language and New Media SIG please access the SIG’s own website:

We take ‘new media’ to represent the wide range of communicative contexts often referred to as ‘digital discourse’ and ‘computer-mediated communication’ (CMC). We are interested in all aspects of language use that occur in new media environments.

The SIG’s objectives are:

  • To build a community of scholars, especially although not exclusively based in the United Kingdom, who are contributing to work in the field of CMC.
  • To develop work in CMC by providing opportunities to present new research, formulating guidelines for research practices, sharing and developing methods for the collection and analysis of computer-mediated data.
  • To support new researchers who are developing applied linguistic research in the field of CMC.
  • To develop and make available case studies which stimulate innovative uses of new media in teaching language and applied linguistics.