(Former) BAAL Activity Fund (aka ‘Applying Linguistics Fund’)


The BAAL Applying Linguistics Fund supports members by offering up to £10,000 to carry out activities which link research and application. Applications are invited from any members of BAAL. Funded activities can take place in the UK or overseas. Note that the fund does not run every year: calls for applications are sent out through BAALmail.

Calls for applications to the Applying Linguistics Fund are made when when possible.

The fund will be available for a single activity or a series of connected activities that bring BAAL members (including students) together with research users (e.g. policy makers, teachers, companies, lawyers, police, community groups, health workers).

Examples of activities include:

  • workshops or other dialoguing events
  • focus groups/interviews with research users
  • collaborative preparation of materials for training or dissemination
  • production and distribution of flyers
  • attendance at research users’ meetings to present findings

Successful applicants will be required to produce a short report of 1000 words for the BAAL website and publication in the BAAL newsletter. Applicants are also invited (but not required) to produce a poster submission for the BAAL conference on completion of the activities. The poster will not be subject to the usual peer review process.

Criteria for selecting proposals

  • Relevance of the activity to the user group.
  • Evidence of enthusiasm and intention to participate from the user group for the activity e.g. letter of support.
  • Quality of the activity proposed: achievable goals; realistic costing; nature of the activity.
  • Clear and realistic expectations of the nature of the link between research and application through detailed outputs and outcomes.

Funding amount

You may apply for the full amount of £10, 000 or for smaller amounts depending on the scale of your activity. In any one year of funding there will be a fixed amount of £10,000 available. As BAAL is a charity, we would not usually expect to fund full economic costing (FEC) of academics engaged in research activity using the Fund.

Funding applications

Applications should not exceed four A4 pages and should clearly show how the proposed project meets the criteria. The lead applicant, who must be a current member of BAAL, should include a summary CV of no more than one page as an appendix to the application document. Letters of support from potential user groups can also be included as appendixes. The application should thus comprise a single Word or PDF Document.

Please note, applicants must specify any existing funds already received or applied for which relate to their application. Before submitting your application, please check that you are currently a member of BAAL, as applications from non-members will not be considered. A call for applications with precise timings will be sent out on BAAL mail in October of the years in which the fund runs (usually alternate years).

Timeline for applications and AL Fund activities

Year 1

October – call for applications sent out on BAAL mail

Year 2

31st March – deadline for applications

Mid June – all applicants are notified

Mid June to following May – all research activities to be carried out

Year 3

End June – 1000-word report to be provided for the BAAL newsletter

September – poster contribution (if applicant wishes) at BAAL conference

Please note that the fund cannot cover research costs directly associated with dissertation or thesis work, and student members should include a supervisor statement confirming compliance with this.


The examples provided are from different sections of successful, recent applications to the Applying Linguistics Fund. Note that the section headings for the Fund are not prescribed and applicants are free to organise their application document in whatever way best fits their proposed project. All examples have been anonymised both to protect individuals and to render the applications more timeless.

AL_fund_example_1 (Aim and Background)

AL_fund_example_2 (Phases of the Project)

AL_fund_example_3 (Rationale and Beneficiaries)

AL_fund_example_4 (Relevance and Costings)

AL_fund_example_5 (Costings)