BAAL plays an active role within:

AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée / International Association of Applied Linguistics):  AILA is an international federation of national and regional associations of Applied Linguistics.

CLiE: The Committee for Linguistics in EducationCLiE is a joint committee of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB) and BAAL. It aims to explore and evaluate ways in which linguistics and applied linguistics might contribute towards the school curriculum and the professional training of teachers.

UCGAL: The University Council of General and Applied Linguistics: UCGAL provides a unified voice on public policy matters for linguistics within UK higher education, linking together the major learned societies and associations in the field.

BAAL is also a member of  UCML: The University Council of Modern Languages. This is an overarching national organisation which represents the interests of modern languages, linguistics and cultural and area studies in higher education throughout the United Kingdom.