Applying Linguistics Fund: Past Winners

Applying Linguistics Fund: Call for Applications and Winners, 2017-2018

Competition for Visual Representations of Multilingualism 2018-2019

Note: all proposals for BAAL funding and/or awards are reviewed by the BAAL Executive Committee, or a sub-committee thereof. All decisions are ratified by the EC. In the event that there is a declared or noted conflict of interest, alternative reviewer(s) from the EC committee will be assigned to carry out the task. A potential conflict of interest will be deemed to occur where a reviewer 

  • is named on the proposal/application
  • is employed by an affiliation named on a proposal/application
  • has had a close collaboration or joint publication in the last three years with any entity or individual named on the proposal/application
  • has a close (e.g. family) relationship with any individual named on the proposal/application