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This is the website of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL). It is managed according to these terms and conditions.

About BAAL

BAAL is a professional association based in the UK, which provides a forum for people interested in language and applied linguistics. We have an international professional membership of more than 800 members.

BAAL organises scientific meetings, and publishes a newsletter and conference proceedings. We also send representatives to national and international meetings of interest to our members.

BAAL is affiliated to AILA, the International Association of Applied Linguistics

BAAL is a registered charity (registered charity number 264800). 

BAAL is not an accreditation body for any courses or organisations and neither its name, nor its acronym, nor its logo can be used in the publicity material of any other organisation without prior permission of the Executive Committee. In particular, its name should not be used to suggest that it has accredited the work of another organisation.

Public documents:

BAAL’s constitution

BAAL’s recent reports to the Charity Commission

Independent examiner’s report, 31 May 2017

2017 AGM draft minutes and reports

2016 AGM minutes and reports

2015 AGM minutes and reports

Members wishing to consult previous years’ AGM minutes and/or reports should contact the BAAL Secretary (contact details on ‘Committee’ page).