As part of its commitment to research in Applied Linguistics, BAAL is pleased to announce that financial support from Routledge and BAAL will be available for one research development workshop in 2014.

The workshop will offer training in, or focused discussion of, applied linguistics methods, approaches or fields of investigation to new researchers, including postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, early career researchers, and anyone embarking on a new line of research.

Calls for proposals and registration details will be available here and through BAAL mail.

Organising a Workshop

Financial Template

Workshop Series History






19 September 2016

Nottingham Trent University

Language and identity in law and evidence

Dr Natalie Braber & Dr David Wright

Registration & Programme

16 September 2016

Manchester Metropolitan, UK

Expectations of and on international students in UK HE: investigating mismatching language ontologies and destabilising encounters

Dr. Khawla Badwan & Dr. Lou Harvey

Call & Registration


18 September 2015

University of Oxford

Beyond the classroom: Researching second language learning in out-of-class contexts

Dr Jess Briggs

Call for Papers


October 2015

University of Reading

Task-based L2 Fluency: definition, measurement and analysis

Ann-Marie Hunter, Jan Trebacz, Dr Clare Wright, Dr Parvaneh Tavakoli, Dr Louise Courtney

31 October 2014

King's College London

Language learning in contexts of cultural diversity

Simon Coffey

Invitation to Participate

28-31 July 2014

University College Dublin, Ireland

Sociolinguistics Summer School 5 (SSS5)

Chloe Diskin

Routledge Workshop Series