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Database of Policy Consultations

Remove 28 November 2016

BAAL members may be interested to know that the Campaign for Social Science maintains a database of policy consultations, searchable by region, committee, and/or topic. The Campaign for Social Science is sponsored by the Academy of Social Sciences, of which BAAL is a member.

The policy monitor database can be accessed here


Tess Fitzpatrick, BAAL Chair

In memoriam René Dirven (1932-2016)

Remove 28 November 2016

René Dirven, who has died aged 83, was one of those rare editors who was always full of ideas. René`s guiding principle was his commitment to the cause, Cognitive Linguistics, and to the community. In fact, it was the drawing together of the community which was his particular concern.

René pursued his ideas with determination and will. He supported young scholars at the beginning of their careers and provided a platform for their work in the Mouton book series Cognitive Linguistics Research, a publishing venue which René edited together with Ron W. Langacker for more than two decades. Many of the young scholars whose works appeared in this very series in the early nineties and beyond are now well-known researchers thanks to René's commitment and dedication to supporting the next generation.

From the publisher's perspective, to work with René always meant to have an active partner who replied quickly, held strong opinions, unceremoniously decided tricky questions and fought for his disciples. How typical that even in the last years of his life, when he had almost lost his eyesight, he still continued to work tirelessly, writing and remaining in good spirits. Equally unforgettable are those wonderful wine tastings in Landau with Martin Pütz and friends where publishing ideas were hatched over drinks and pretzels.

Both in his capacities as organizer of landmark conferences (LAUD/ICLC) and as editor of the Cognitive Linguistics Bibliography and the book series Cognitive Linguistics Research, René influenced and shaped the scholarly landscape of Cognitive Linguistics as much as hardly anybody else did.

All colleagues at Mouton, long-serving and newcomers alike, are grateful for his exceptional contribution to Cognitive Linguistics and to scholarly publishing. We are honored to have known him and will keep his memory alive.

Ms. Birgit Sievert, Senior Acquisitions Editor, De Gruyter Mouton