Dovetail Management Consultancy


BAALMail is the email list for BAAL members, providing you with up-to-date information about the organisation. We also send notices about relevant new publications, job opportunities and other matters likely to be of interest to BAAL members.

You need to be a BAAL member before you can be subscribed to this list (see How to Join).

If you are a member you are most likely already subscribed to the BAALMail list but if you are not, please contact: Dovetail Management Consultancy from your chosen email address.

For administrative purposes, only one address per member is permitted.

To post to the BAALMail list, send an email to If you are a list member it will go to the list automatically. If you are not a member then it will await moderation. This can take up to a week.

How to Join BAALMail